On The Road With Corey Wilson: Morocco

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All Photos: Corey Wilson // Surfer: Dillon Perillo

Camels. For Corey Wilson, last winter's trip to Morocco was all about the camels. He'd photograph them. He'd ride them. If we saw a bunch of camels on the side of the road he'd ask the driver to stop so he could take more pictures. He giggled every time he saw one. The trip was also about goats. Specifically, goats in trees. (Seriously, that's a thing in Morocco.) They climb the argan trees and eat the fruit and when they shit out the seeds the local people collect them and grind them into argan oil. It's a fun fact that Corey didn't learn about because he was busy giggling and taking pictures when our guide explained this. The trip was also about cats, for Corey. But that's nothing new. Shooting surfing just is a side gig. His bread and butter is working on a coffee table book project called, "Cats of the World" [working title].

Corey photographed humans in Morocco, too. One of his favorite subjects joined us on this trip, fellow cat-lover Dillon Perillo. Dillon's surfing was tailor-made for the long rights of Morocco. And while Royal Air Morocco lost Corey's tripod for the first half of the trip, he got creative and used everything from rocks to cars to my shoulder to stabilize his lens and make Dillon look as good as possible. (As if he needs any help.) —Taylor Paul