Seven Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Everybody wears pants.* And, last time I checked, most of these pants have pockets. And according to recent statistics, in the pockets of 64% of these pants lies a tiny black screen, comforting us with its infinite knowledge and entertainment. Yes, your smartphone has now become an extension of your body. And if you’re spending so much time fingering screens (too much?), we encourage you to make the most of it. Below are seven quality Instagram accounts that you need to whip out that pocket pistol and follow right now before your boss comes over and catches you staring into your crotch.

*Except for me. Right now. While I’m sitting on my couch scrolling through Instagram and writing this because this is my job. Am I winning or losing? I can’t tell. —Dayton Silva


“Draggin dix since ’96” the bio reads – that’s pretty much all you need to know.

Fuck Yes Cock Knockers!!! It's Saturday!!! Soo much stoke soaring!! Always have your brodiacs back!!! #boogidordie

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Don’t get caught slippin’ sleepin’ or the World Sleep League will find you, and mock you.

First heat when action resumes @cjhobgood vs @julian_wilson

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A wide variety of displays of sheer kookery – because who doesn’t enjoy the peace of mind behind knowing that atleast you’re not the guy riding his SUP upside down with his wetsuit on backwards.


Behind the scenes, at the parties, and on the road. Follow for an inside commentary on the wild world that is professional surfing.


Some of the most entertaining photoshop work in the game. All things surf, no mercy – just the way it should be.

Birthday dolphin rides this morning for @mfanno #fijipro photo: @kirstinscholtz @jimmicane

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Exactly what the name describes. Haoles, shakas, and all things in between.


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Creatively different, and continually enjoyable. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

@danezaun Charging Queen Gnar-gaery Tyrell! #gameofthrones #nataliedormer #got #hairbarrels @hurley

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