SURFING Blog: Jimmy’s Z(ine)

I came across some zines the other day from a designer named Jimmy Newitt. Led to his site through the obscurities of the web, I was stoked to see some rootsy surf zines being made in London. Point Never is a nice collection of images that embody a clean graphic sense. But most important, it showed me that there are people out there who are excited about making things — zines, videos, drawings, music, it's all out there being made, and easier than ever to share. I recommend getting on your arse and busting out a glue stick, some tape or whatever else it takes to put together a book of all of those images you have been snapping with your super-rad ultra-hip Holga. What good do they do on Facebook two years from now anyway?
In the spirit of craftsmanship, I asked Jimmy why anyone would bother to make things with their stupid hands:

SURFING Magazine: Why did you start Point Never?

Jimmy Newitt: I started making my own zines a few years ago. I've always enjoyed the whole process of making the work to fit a specific format — editing, designing and then eventually printing, stitching and trimming the thing into a finished article. It's a great way to express your ideas, much like a sketchbook.

Do you actually make them with your hands?
I have made lots of zines by hand but it's painstaking work and time consuming to make a large run. So with Point Never I have them printed professionally so I’m able to produce more copies and to a higher standard.

Why bother?
A zine can bring your ideas to life as something tangible and is easily circulated among friends and other artists. The process of making a zine also encourages you to be critical of your work, think conceptually, and it allows you to make something with your hands away from the computer.

How did you get into surfing/skate culture in London?
I’m actual from a little known place on the southern coast of Devon, England. It's a world away from the city of London and we have a great surf scene, despite the waves. All of my friends growing up were either surfers or skaters, so I just fell into it like everyone else.

Who gets the zines when you're done?
Point Never is distributed among friends and anyone who contacts me with an interest in the thing. It's not exclusive to anyone. The more people who enjoy it, the more fulfilling it becomes for me to make.
—Scott Chenoweth

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