The Best Things That Happened This Week

bruce layback_1Photo: Tom Carey
This week, in: Style
Bruce Irons told us in an interview, “I don’t think of myself as a style guy. I think I’m a kook most of the time.” It’s probably the most disagreeable thing Bruce has ever said. Jump on over to the full interview and see what else Bruce had to say about style. Then go surf, and emulate him.

This week, in: John John Florence
Do you know what a Blue Moon is? If you thought: a delicious beer then you are wrong and have terrible taste and should hate your tongue and your taste buds and never trust them on anything ever again. (Bet you like Arby’s too, huh psychopath?) If you thought: the second of two full moons appearing in one calendar month, then go ahead and sign up for Jeopardy. A blue moon was seen in the skies on Thursday night — the first one since 2012 — and with it came the first trailer for John John Florence’s new movie called, drumroll please…. View From A Blue Moon. Watch it above.

Laura Enever didn't make her heat in the Women's WCT, but she looked chipper while doing it. Photo: Fiona MullenLaura Enever. Photo: Fiona Mullen
This week, in: Things that are terrifying for the parents of teenagers
Laird’s vodka. And the 2015 Vans US Open of Surfing. Here’s a photographic recap of the event thus far.