The Best Things That Happened This Week

Gawkers gonna gawk. Keala Kennelly.Kela Kennelly. Photo: Brent Bielmann

This week, in: News
It was a huge news week. Huuuuuge news week. Like, the kind of week that warrants attention from the mainstream. (Are they still looking? Act cool…) Mick Fanning nearly got maimed by a shark at Jeff’s Bay and then Teahupo’o happened — Keala Kennelly shoved the bounds of women’s surfing, Niccolo Porcella had one of the worst wipeouts we’ve ever seen, Jamie O’Brien lit himself on fire, etc. Nobody died, so that’s pretty neat.

Dane Reynolds At Home With Dolores
This week, in: Web clips
Dane Reynolds. Clay Marzo. You’re welcome.

frank quirarteMaverick’s. Photo: Frank Quirarte

This week, in: Cool shit that you’ll probably only appreciate if you’re very in touch with surfing
Came here for Great Whites and wipeouts? Then you probably wouldn’t care for the interactive feature we did on Ryan Callinan. You know, can’t really relate to his powerful, progressive style or his humble attitude. Probably wouldn’t want to see this breakdown of El Niño that we did either. It’s just too insider for you and aren’t weather phenomenas that may or may not help create amazing waves boring? Can’t please everyone I guess.

Also: reverse psychology. Ever heard of it bozo?