The Scoop: Mason Ho’s Golden Trash Can

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Let's be real. Watching the newest clip from Mason Ho -- Jimi Hendrix, full moons, neon-greens and all -- is like coming down the stairs as a kid on Christmas morning. No one's having as much fun in the water as he is, and for us, work stops in the office so that we can gather around a screen and enjoy the show. And now, Christmas might be coming daily as Mason and his best bud Keoni "Cheeseburger" Nozaki have created a website called that is soon to be stocked with copious gifts. The first clip's already up there; Mason fills us in on the rest. –Beau Flemister

SURFING: We saw your first vid, what's next for the site?
Mason Ho: So the site's not complete yet, but basically what's up there now is the first of a two-part clip from the last three months -- sort of a best of. The second part will be mostly from a trip to Australia. The site should be fully running within the next three weeks. And basically, the site's gonna be like a little golden trashcan. We're gonna put up our sessions from every single day. And if we happen to surf with some really gnarly guys, then they'll be in on it too, and there'll be a column for those specific sessions. But really, the point is that if you're bored, you'll be able to find one to a few new vids every day. You can just go to that golden trashcan. And the clips won't only be to Hendrix. There will be all kinds of other music...except techno. [laughs] There will also be another section on the side of the site that has our photos. Just like daily photos from our iPhones, from me, Cheeseburger or Rory [Pringle] from our surfs or missions around the island.

So just photos and video?
Yeah, photos, vids, B-roles, but also a column from Cheeseburger where he can express whatever he wants. It could be really f–ked up [laughs]. Nah, but he has a cool approach. I heard him talking with John John out in the water the other day at Pipe, and he was like, "Brah, just give us like eight clips, but only for our site…" And John John was all, "Yeah, easy..." So basically, Burger's gonna weasel some clips for us. He's already talking with Matt Meola and all kinds of people, so it's gonna be pretty gnarly. There could be some clips of John John that not many sites will get for a while.

Are all your videos going to be exclusive to the site, like the one up there now?
We're gonna keep up the main ones to ourselves for, like, the first two weeks, then let everyone have them after that. I'm not gonna keep all my vids to myself forever, because then I don't think many people will look at them. I'd rather see everyone happy, let everyone see them, because that's how I got started. I'm not Mr. Exclusive F–kin' Cool Guy [laughs].

Do you still edit all your own clips?
Yeah, usually Rory films and I edit. And that's always been my favorite part. I always liked trying to impress, like, Joe Alani, Mike Reola, Mayhem and Rory in that way. And then they'd give me feedback and advice.

What is Burger's role in all of this?
The theory goes like this: I never really thought that I was cool, or special enough to have my own, like, kind of website. I was fine with just giving clips to people that enjoyed them. And some did. But people started telling me I should have my own site to post all my vids instead of a Vimeo thing. And Burger kept saying how he wanted his own website, so I figured I could just make a website for him, but post my stuff too and secretly run it [laughs]. Burger told me, "Just gimme a voice to the world, brah." Like, he's gonna post a lot of stuff, too on his column. Stuff like YouTube clips and Dave Chappelle clips. And speaking of Dave Chapelle, I was just watching his interview with Oprah, the one where he just got back from Africa -- you remember that one? I was tripping out how intelligent the two of them were; it's like the raddest interview I've ever seen. We'll post some stuff like that.

Do you go to any other websites to help you with the making of your own?
I go to Dane's website. I guess, me and everyone else in the world does that. Then if I'm bored I'll check out the magazine's sites. But I don't really go to anyone's personal sites. And that's why I don't want all my stuff to be exclusive. I want the mags to have them, because that's where I go to see everyone else's clips. I just want there to be a lot of content on mine. Like, I'm not even comparing mine to Dane's because he's the gnarliest, but I love watching his clips. But he releases them pretty sparsely, and probably for good reason. But me, if you go away on a trip and don't check my site for two weeks, I want you to come back and there be 15 sessions of mine you haven't seen [laughs]. I might not be ripping in all of them, but that's kind of the point. I want guys to see my not so good stuff and be like, "Aw, that guy surfs like me." But then all of the sudden, have them see my good stuff and go, "Oh, f–k, there's a little spurt of something." [laughs]