All Photos: Duncan Macfarlane


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Yesterday morning came early for Duncan Macfarlane. He rose before the roosters, got in his car and took the hour and a half drive to a sleepy little Australian town called Yamba. A good swell had come up overnight and Dunc was set to fire off a few frames of Wade Goodall, Laurie Towner and Ben Ross at a wave called Spooky Point. Things were looking golden as the sun came up, but the day was over as quickly as it began. Ten minutes into the session, the sound of a siren shattered the still of dawn. An ambulance was there to scoop Wade. Duncan explains. –Brendan Buckley

Duncan Macfarlane:

The tide was a bit on the low side, especially for a spot like Spooky's that needs more water. The swell was solid, nothing too big, but maybe 4-feet and looking pretty good. The boys had at it and Wade got a sick one right off the bat. He took off under the lip, pulled into a good tube and got shot out. Everybody was frothing and we thought it was going to be a great day.

I swam out and realized that it was pretty shallow. Laurie got a closeout and I remember feeling my fins scrape the reef as I shot it. Wade went for the next one, but he wasn't really in a good position. He bailed his board and ended up pencil-diving straight into the reef. Laurie and I went under the wave and when Wade came up, he just kind of looked at us for a moment before saying, "I broke my leg again! I broke my leg again!" I couldn't really tell if he was serious or not at first, but I quickly realized that he was. Ben and Laurie helped him in. By the time I made it to the beach, somebody had already called an ambulance. Wade was in a ton of pain, but he was definitely in high spirits given the situation. He even made a few jokes.

Wade broke his other leg in Yamba two years ago and the paramedics recognized him. They couldn't believe he'd done it again. Last time, it was his left fibula and tibia and now it's his right femur. When he got it X-rayed, they said it was a spiral fracture, which can be pretty hard to deal with. He went into surgery last night. I'm no doctor, but I'd guess he'll be on crutches for at leas six months. I'm sure he'll make a full comeback though — just maybe not to Yamba.