The Three Best Things That Happened This Week

Laird took all of his clothes off.

As did his wife, Gabrielle Reece. ESPN featured the, umm, power couple in their annual Body Issue. Laird SUPed Gabby around on still water somewhere in or around heaven. The photos dropped this week and you can read an in-depth analysis of the shoot here. And by “in-depth analysis,” we mean “borderline schizophrenic rant including a sentence about having a Laird penis parade down the streets of Tokyo.”

The wildest card. Dane Reynolds. Photo: Corey Wilson
Dane Reynolds showed fang. Photo: Corey Wilson

The 2015 J-Bay Open started this week and didn’t Dane look good? He did. That’s why we’re giving him the very prestigious SURFING Magazine This Guy Surfed The Best In Round 1 award. Historically, winners of the award go on to win the event 35% of the time. With the WSL’s new wildcard structure, Dane will be able to keep all of the points he collects at WCT events this year. Which means we could see him on tour next year. Which means more fang.

Matt Bromley happened. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Sorry. This was actually two weeks ago. But we’re really not that sorry because here’s a 24 photo sequence of Matt Bromley pulling into one of the heaviest Indo waves we’ve ever seen at Nias. We released them earlier this week and you’d be cheating yourself if you don’t inspect them.