The Wisdom Of Gavin Beschen

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All Photos: Jimmicane

If you’re like us, the name Gavin Beschen washes a nostalgic wave of joy over you in remembrance of a VHS-spent youth. Gavin and his iconic mane have starred in: Stoney Baloney, Magna Plasma, Computer Body, Football Shmootball, Creepy Fingers, The Dawn Of The Stone Age, and True To This. That all equates to 20 years of being stoned. With Psychic Migrations set to premier September 14th, it was only fitting that we asked Volcom's peaceful viking about his latest stint in front of Ryan Thomas's camera. —Jake Tellkamp

SURFING MAGAZINE: What was your favorite Volcom project that you've worked on?
Every project has been so surreal for me. Even from the early days of getting on Volcom, everything has been very memorable. I’ve been very lucky to be with this family and have them support me.

Where was your Psychic Migrations section shot?
I just got back from Mexico with Parker Coffin and Dusty Payne. I've known both of those guys for a long time and it was incredible to see how well both of them were surfing.

Who was your favorite surfer to groove with while filming?
I got to hang out with Ryan Burch — he's so mellow and such a great person. But I'm very connected with all the riders on Volcom. We’re like a big family. We’re are all on the same page and have the same passion, we just love to go surfing.

Do you feel like Volcom films are your legacy?
Volcom has helped me out so much, and being part of that family has been such an honor. I don't have many contest results or anything but the films have allowed me be who I am and not have to worry about surfing in contests. I'm very grateful to have been involved in the Volcom films.

Do you feel your most creative when you are on the road?
There’s a lot of down time on surf trips and you've got to keep yourself entertained, so it's good to be creative — whether that means playing music, making art, whatever. It was great on this trip because everyone was working so hard and doing what they love and when that happens, you can see the colors opening up and the ideas shifting and changing. Traveling really teaches you about the whole new world that's out there.

What's the key to maintaining stoke for 20 years?
I think it comes down to keeping an eye on what the kids are doing — and even people who are older than me, but still have that kid mentality — and focusing on that. Just the other day, I saw John John going for a surf with Bruce and it just shows that nothing changes. As long as you keep your passion, you'll still feel like you are 15. And there are way too many good things out there to let a bad thing get you down in life.

Who inspires you?
I try and get my inspiration from anybody I interact with, but I feel especially inspired by my wife and my kids. They keep me focused on the straight track to provide for my family.

What do you want to be remembered for?
I guess just for loving surfing and doing my best to pass that love and passion on. That, and living aloha, trying to be respectable and having fun.