Three Answers with Andy Irons

SURFING caught up with Andy Irons on his way home from New Jersey after his Hurricane Bill chase.

By Matt Bauer

How was your Hurricane Bill, New Jersey experience?

I wasn't even planning to be there, but happened to be flying through on my way home from Africa, and just pulled the ripcord. I ended up staying for a few days when most people living there were probably looking to do the exact opposite.

Where did you surf? And who did you surf with?

I surfed Manasquan and a few other spots in Jersey with Sam Hammer, Pete Mendia, and the rest of the surf stoked Jersey locals. It reminded me a lot of France with perfect conditions and a million spectators scattered along the beaches. I was tripping out to see such fun waves and ended up scoring some really solid sessions.

What is your favorite thing about the Garden State?

My favorite part of the trip was eating at Sam Hammer's family restaurant. It was only my second time eating there and I already felt like Norm from Cheers or something. It was a really fun trip, and a great way to break up flights from Africa to. I'll be back for sure.