Three Answers with Gabe Kling

By Jimmicane

SURFING Magazine: After suffering your ankle/knee injury down in Tasmania this February, where are you in your recovery and how much longer before you're back surfing WCT events at 100 percent?

Gabe Kling: My ankle has been feeling OK. I started riding my normal board about a month ago. I surfed hurricane Bill and Danny on the east coast, and got my first barrel in five months. When I came out to Cali hoping to do the Lowers event, but I overdid it with the therapy and training. It hurt just standing up the last few surfs I had, so pulled back a bit in therapy and I’m just giving it some rest now. I gotta let it heal at this point.

How have you been spending the down time?

I’ve been out of the water for what feels like a year now. I have been doing therapy three times a week so that has kept me busy. I was doing little projects around my house but I ran out of stuff I knew how to do pretty quickly. I've had a lot of time to hang out with my friends, family and my girlfriend. Being hurt for so long sucks. But getting back and the water has gotten me so psyched. I'm a grom again, just psyching for anything.

Let's get your Jags prediction for this season.

The Jaguars got rid of some derelicts on the team and have a bunch of new guys and rookies starting so I am excited to watch them play this year. I say they finish 9-7, beat the Colts at home in December and make the playoffs. The Superbowl will be the Jag’s and some lame NFC team. [LAUGHS]