Three Answers with Kolohe Andino


Kolohe Andino talks to SURFING about some of his secrets in contest preparation after claiming dual titles at the SIMA Surfing America USA Championships.

By: Matt Bauer

You were on fire the entire contest. Did you do anything differently to stay in the zone?

Each event is different, but my usual routine is just staying hydrated, surfing a lot before my heats, and getting to bed early.  But the night before finals there was a huge party in San Clemente.  Luke Davis, Ian Crane, and myself showed up and danced all night.  It was a blast.

How do you approach a heat when surfing against a good buddy?

This contest I had a heat with Luke Davis, Ian Crane, and Jared Cassidy, all of which are my good friends.  The day before our heat we didn’t talk much because we were all focusing on our own deal.  You sort of have an advantage because you have a good idea of how they will compete because you surf with them everyday.

Do you have a training program you do to prepare for contest surfing?

Depending on where the contest is I’ll try and surf a wave similar to it in San Clemente.  To prepare for Huntington I surfed T-Street which is pretty mushy and Riviera’s which is mostly close-outs.  As far as conditioning, I’m really focusing on building my flexibility.  Every morning I’ll roll on my foam roller, stretch, then roll again.


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