Today We Like 3 Slobs

3-slobsThird slob Kyle Kennelly, making trouble in his neighborhood. The Wedge.

By Stuart Cornuelle

If SURFING were to adopt three little orphans and raise them as our own, we hope they'd be as cool as Ford Archbold, Andrew Doheny and Kyle Kennelly. It looks like 3 Slobs is the closest we'll ever get. The sub-20 trio is now up and blogging, with a sordid look into their Newport Beach surf exploits and beyond. The blog is top notch, as blogs go. Money for nothing. Chicks for free. No bedtime. We sat down with the slob they call Kyle and asked about his intentions.

"We're always together at Andrew's house," he told SURFING. "Ford is there, and I pretty much live there too in the summer. We're all doing pretty interesting stuff, and we thought people might want to check it out."

Pretty interesting stuff includes: surf sessions (they sometimes switch off filming each other and post the clips), drawing, riding bikes, making fun, being critical, and meeting young ladies. Their inspiration was the now-defunct Dane Reynolds blog. They would check it, like, five times daily. Now maybe Dane will check theirs.

A taste of 3 Slobs:


Kyle's bonus suggested browsing:

Keep tabs on these three, as they live out lives of wanton excess with a splash of surf. And blog about it.