As a rule, we'll have whatever Dane's having. Boards, broads, beards, books, beers, bars – the man has a flair.
By Stuart Cornuelle

We also want to surf like he does. When we saw Dane saunter down the cobbles at the Hurley Pro with a wide, piggy excuse for a shortboard – and make his first World Tour final on it, while notching both of the event's highest wave scores – we spat hot coffee on the MacBook screen in disbelief. Such a curious shape. Such brazen shredding. While our interns cleaned up the coffee mess, we set out to learn more about Dane's new board design and how we could get one.

The Channel Islands Surfboards blog explains it all HERE. The board is now famously known as the Dumpster Diver; its origins involve a block of foam destined for the trash heap and a well-timed trip to Mexico. CI's Travis Lee:

On the interest: I've been inundated with calls and emails about the board, including lots internally. Dusty Payne and Yadin, and Julian Wilson too. He got to try one of Dane's boards the other day at Seaside Reef while he was testing his equipment for France. He said the board was so floaty and drivey that he had to get one.

On mass production: Dane didn't even free-surf it before the Lowers contest, he just took it straight out in his first heat. He's still improving on it, still has ideas for how to make it even better. There's usually that testing period where riders work with Al [Merrick] on a design before it's rolled out as a proper model, but with this one, it's already been sort of proven on the world's stage. We could reproduce it in a second, but we have to decide when's the proper time to do that.

On dumpster diving during the European leg: The board looks like it makes surfing fun for Dane in small waves, and who knows? Mundaka could be held at one-foot beachbreak, so I can't imagine that Dane wouldn't be packing it in his boardbag.

Here, here.