Travis Logie Hates Getting Barreled

Jordy Smith likes barrels and Travis Logie, well not so much. Photo: Flindt

Baby Take It Off!

It is almost time for the 2012/2013 World Tour! It is the most exciting time ever! We will have contests to watch and contestants for which to cheer! We will have excitement inserted back into our days and nights (when the tour is in the Southern Hemisphere). And since this is a new year we must brush up on our heroes. Like, what are they in to? Are they tops or bottoms? Do they prefer their jeans skinny or straight-legged? What are their favorite maneuvers? They answer here (about the maneuvers).*

Kelly: Rodeo clowns big barrels
Parko: Big ones
Owen Wright: Airs of any kind.
Taj: Airs and barrels, backside finners
Adriano: Boosting airs
Michel Bourez: Barrel
Jordy: Barrels
Josh Kerr: Getting barreled
Julian Wilson: Barrels
Alejo Muniz: Carves and barrels
Mick Fanning: Hacks and tubes
Gabs Medina: Barrels and airs
Damo Hobgood: Barrel
Jeremy Flores: Tubes
Kieren Perrow: Snap or barrel
Ace Buchan: Barrels
Bede: Aerials
Heitor Alves: Airs, tubes and backhand snaps
Brett Simpo: Airs
Wilko: Air reverses and barrels
Taylor Knox: Carves
Jadsen Andre: Frontside air
Tiago Pires: Tubes and carves
Freddy P: Airs and barrels
Chris Davidson: Laying it on rail
Adam Melling: Barrel
Kai Otts: Drop wallet
Raoni Monteiro: Airs
Travis Logie: Airs and carves
CJ Hobgood: Airs and barrels
Dusty: Getting barreled
Pat Gudang: Getting barreled
John John: Barrels
Miguel Pupo: Barrels
Yadin Nicol; Barrel

Guess what? Most professional surfers like getting barreled! A handful hate it. Interesting. Very interesting.

*Info drawn from ASP website