Welcome to my Humble Abode with Mitchel Leslie Coleborn


Mitch has been living on the Goldy for the last year and a half. He moved down from the sleepy sunny coast to help his surfing career, though hasn't done much work on the coast.

Words and Photos By Kai Neville

SURFING Magazine: What do you love about Gold Coast?

Mitchel Leslie Coleborn: The babes.

Hate about Gold Coast?
Surfing mostly. It's not very productive. Even when there are good waves people still get in the road and you can't do shit.

So why do live there then?
Good point…ummmmm, I dunno. Where else would I live?


Are you kidding?
I might move to Japan or something

Shut up?
I would like to live back home but there is nothing going on at the Sunny Coast. I thought I would be shooting more on the Goldy but it doesn't happen.

Why do you like the sunny coast?
Surfing is way more fun. But there is way more shit going on down the Goldy. It's a more laid back version of the Goldy. You can find waves with no one out. It actually doesn't matter where I live; I get most of the work done on trips. Last year I could of lived in Antarctica. I'm going rent a room in California this year, base myself in the US for a while.

Ohh sweet. Reasoning for this?
Ill be there for some comps. So I may as well hang for the summer. Newport babes.

Your local watering hole?

Where do you flair up?
Neverland. Some good times and any bands that come to the Goldy play there.


What about the Cooly Hotel?
Ohhhh maaatttee!

Describe your crib?
It's an igloo. I have the air con on 60 degrees all summer long. It's a little sex igloo…. A sexigloo!

You have a lot of art, some of you favorites?
I like my sex panther.


Where did you get that?
Down the road at an antique store. And my Kill Pixie stuff cause he sprayed me some boards for free before he blew up in the art world. He tagged them not so much like his style now, so they are pretty unique.

What's the most you have lashed out on something?
800 bones on that one framed Kill Pixie drawing.


Most valued possession?
Reef lamp on my bed. It's from the '60s! Although every time I turn it on I think I'm going to burn the house down.

Describe your dream home?
The one I'm about to buy on the beach at Wurtulla. Hopefully ill get it! I just put an offer in.

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