You Are Here: Night Surfing Uluwatu


You Are Here, Nathan Myers

By Nathan Myers

They can't ALL be amazing. When Tai Graham of Bali's famous Single Fin bar and the team at Vestal conspired to throw the first ever illuminated night surfing event at Uluwatu, the swell forecast was solid. Tons of pros and bros were in town for the Oakley Pro Junior event. The tides were prime for Racetracks barrels. So, why the hell not?

The hype was on. 50,000 watts of high-powered spotlights were set up on the cliff. Prize money posted for "best barrel," "best maneuver" and "rider of the night." And the swell… the swell… hello? Swell? Well, when it came time to paddle out, the swell was just eh.

But once you're committed, you're committed. So, go-to Surf DJ's Adam Bennett and Paul Fisher/Leigh Sedley fired up the turn-tables. Drinks were poured extra stiff. Everyone from Sal Masakela to Kid Mac and two full rugby league teams showed up with their party hats on. And a ton of smoking hot chicks started dancing around the pool.

Hit the switch. Lights go ON. The boys go surfing.

Ask anyone who was there how the surfing was that night, they'll surely tell you it was eh. Ask how their night went, they'll tell you it was amazing.


BEST BARREL: Noah Westridge
RIDER OF THE NIGHT: Berrick De Vries