You Are Here, Nathan Myers

Making surf movies is a thankless, expensive, all-consuming, full-time kick in the nuts.

And yet somehow, they keep coming. Passionate young artists carving up poetic odes to the hell-man and twinkle-toes who ride waves…while they stand on the beach getting sunburned.

"You better not have missed that clip," the surfers thank them for their efforts.

The following three films are all from new surf filmmakers breaking their cherry with the talent, passion and drive to bring their films to life. They've done this on their own time, their own dime and their own lost surf sessions. And they're all worth checking out.

Let's say thank you. — Nathan Myers



DIRECTOR: Loic Wirth (Brazil)

RELEASE: May 2012 on DVD and iTunes

KEY SURFERS: Marco Giorgi, Craig Anderson, Jean da Silva

KEY LOCATIONS: Indonesia, New Zealand, Europe

FILMMAKER'S SYNOPSIS: A moment to breathe and think… and ask questions about the world we live in, and the way we live in it. Intentio intends to spread a positive energy with subjective messages, to be interpreted in different ways from different persons, having the ocean and the surfers as a platform to do so.

YAH TRANSLATION: Loic is a poet with his camera. His film is beautiful like Steele's Castles in the Sky, with a carefully curated soundtrack and some extremely beautiful cinematography. "When I first started editing," says Loic. "I would steal shots from my favorite movies and edit in my own way. So when I started filming Intentio, I already knew what I was aiming for. Now I can't hide the smile on my face when I realize it finally took shape into a film."





DIRECTOR: Jack Coleman (California)
RELEASED: January 2012, DVD, and digital upload
SURFER: Alex Knost
LOCATIONS: Mainland Mexico, California, Baja California, Mexico

FILMMAKER'S SYNOPSIS: Visual expression meets the artistry of surfing. The film features the surfing life of California's Alex Knost, captured all 'in camera' with no digital imagery or after effects. (The supporting cast of surfers in POLYESTER includes: Ford Archbold, Tanner Prairie, & Jared Mell.)

YAH_TRANSLATION: Dane Reynolds claims Jack Coleman is an artist – and that he has dreadlocks. He even let him edit a section on Marinelayerproductions.  The film is very arty – shot on film and then have that film painted and teased. It's an ambient and retro-ish vibe, like nothing else out there really. The furthest thing from high-action brand-posts — refreshingly so — and also borderline unbearable by time it reaches its 35-minute conclusion. Don't overthink this film. Don't focus on it too hard. Jack's creativity should just wash over you, like some cosmic sensation. "I wanted to make an experimental surf film that was performance based, yet art driven," says Coleman. Knost and Coleman make a truly unique team.

If you like this, then definitely check out Coleman's TRANSPARENT PLEASURES here, which is an experiment from the experiment, and even more experimental.


…And finally.


Hangs Upon Nothing

DIRECTED BY: Jeremy Rumas

RELEASE: 2013 film fest, indie tour, digital download

KEY SURFERS: Mikala Jones, Daniel Jones, Darmaputra Tonjo and twin brother Darmayasa Bleronk

FILMMAKER SYNOPSIS: A film about experiencing life on earth.

YAH TRANSLATION: "I wanted to make a film about what the whole experience of living and traveling as a surfer feels like," says Jeremy Rumas. "I went out with a 16mm camera, met surfers along the way, and documented their lives and adventures."

Jeremy Rumas is as hand-made as a Christmas sweater. Shot entirely on 16mm film. Drawing his own cover art. Performing all his own music. Paying his own way. He's been chipping away at this project for several years now, so when we saw this trailer we thought: "Nice, it's finally happening." Ummm, well, almost. This one's slated for 2013 still, so you'll just have to, you know, hangs.


[Stay tuned for Part II when You Are Here gives behind the scenes info on this year's big-leagues productions. Who, what and when…it's like a freaking gossip zine in here.]