Raditya Rondi, Asian Surfing Champ. Photo: MyersRaditya Rondi, Asian Surfing Champ. Photo: Myers

You Are Here, Nathan Myers

Surely most of you have been closely following the Asian Surfing Championship series, so I don't need to tell you that Made Raditya Rondi (whose blogs you surely read right after Dane's) is the new Asian champ. The first Asian champ. The only Asian champ.

"I didn't really know I was going to win it either," says Raditya, a talented 22-year-old from Kuta Beach who finished 2nd on the competitive Indonesian tour. "But now I'm pretty stoked to be the first Asian champ. Who knows how big this could be in a few more years." –Nathan Myers

Raditya up and through the lip.

YAH: How does being Asian champ compare to, say, an Indonesian championship?

RAD: It doesn't really compare. Most of the guys just did this for fun, but they really focus on the ISC.

YAH: A lot of your points came from winning ISC events that counted toward both, but you also won events in Thailand and Malaysia – do those countries have some good surfers?

RAD: Well, it is there home break, so you have to take them seriously.

YAH: So, you're saying, "no, not really."

RAD: Okay.

YAH: How were the waves?

RAD: Malaysia has a good long left pointbreak. Really fun. But in Thailand the final day was held in half-foot closeout. So bad. But still fun.

YAH: Fun because you won?

RAD: Thailand has really good party. And cheap, good food. Everybody really enjoy themselves there. But it's maybe a little sketchy, too. I think, like, some gangster stuff there.

YAH: How was the award show in Singapore?

RAD: That was fun because they had a Flowrider there. But it's a strange city. So many rules. You can't chew gum. You can't even spit. I don't think I could live there.

YAH: So, is there a big future for the ASC tour?

RAD: I think so. The locations are fun to visit and local surfers are really into it. In Thailand it was a like a circus on the beach. They had shooting games and entertainment for everyone. It was a very different scene, but everyone had fun. I think everyone will go back there next year.

The Jakarta Post published a story about Raditya's victory, pointing out that "only a surfer knows the feeling" and noting the he was "stoked on the win." They also noted his nickname "Cabul" meant "the bull" and his favorite trick was to "get air."

"This is a spectacular moment when a surfer gathers so much momentum that he and his surfboard fly into the air above the wave, flip over then come back down and continue on with the ride."

Newspapers rip.