If…Courtney Conlogue

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Courtney Conlogue
Age: 21
Years on WCT: 4
Best finish: 4
Career WCT Victories: 2

If growing up in Santa Ana, California, taught you one thing…That it's OK to be different.

If you could only eat one food…It would have to be a Slater's 50/50 My Way cheeseburger with garlic aioli.

If you could add one stop to the Women's tour…J-Bay. I've never been to South Africa and I've heard so much about it.

If you had to choose one trait you inherited from your mom…It would be her unconditional love and selflessness for family.

If you got a hole in one…I'd scream at the top of my lungs, "It's a miracle!"

If neon colors were taken out of your wardrobe…I'd have only black and white and earthy colors leftover.

If you could only plant one vegetable this summer…It'd definitely be tomatoes. I love the peppery smell and taste of homegrown tomatoes straight off the vine.

If you could pick the crew for your ideal surf trip it would be…Like the trip I did with SURFING to the Mentawais a few years ago. A mixture of girls with different personalities and styles, and everyone would want to surf a lot.

If you had a one-book library…I'd keep anything by Dr. Seuss.

If you had one superpower…I'd be a jumper. No airplanes, no cars, no hassles with traveling with my boards, just my thoughts to get me there!

If you could only paint one subject…I couldn't and I can't. I don't know how I'd pick just one subject.

If you could import a few things from Australia, they'd be…Meat pies, flat whites and Kangaroos.

If you were at home right now…I'd be catching up with my friends, family and dogs.

If you win an event this year…I'll do a disco dance on the podium.