Threat: Ka‘oli Kahokuloa

Photos: Brent Bielmann
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Full Name: Ka'oliopu'uwai (the chant of the heart of my native people) O'iwiaukana'ikukahikaleipupuhiwahiwakau'ia'ilokokamiki'aokilokilookapueo (native son, strong warrior, unique as the precious Niihau shell leis placed in the magical claws of the owl) Kahokuloa (the everlasting star)

Age: 18

Hometown: Kaunakakai, Molokai

Sponsors: Modex, Body Glove, Tamba, Oakley and Dakine

Favorite Surfer: Dave Rastovich

Motto: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

What is your greatest fear? My mom

What song do you want to hear before you paddle out? Hippie Sabotage, "Stay High"

What's something you do every single day, without exception? Kendama

Where was the last place you wore a tie? Church

Who is your hero? Ke Akua (God)

Your proudest moment in life? Winning the NSSA Open Mini Groms in 2006

Last time you cried? When I got appendicitis on December 10, 2013

Favorite activity outside of surfing? Skateboarding

Favorite world champion? Andy Irons

Best WT event ever? Billabong Pipeline Masters

Outside of surfing, what do you love? My ohana and my girlfriend

Where will surfing be in five years? The Olympics

Most underrated surfer? Nathan Carvalho

Hidden talent? I can play the piano

Favorite non-surf film? Moulin Rouge

Worst enemy? Lucifer

Worst tattoo you've ever seen? My uncle has the phrase "your name" on his ass

Best thing a girl has ever said to you? Aloha wau ia'oe (I love you)

Dream sponsor? Hurley

Biggest mistake you've ever made? Taking life for granted

Most scared you've ever been in the ocean? My first time out at a secret spot on Kauai -- I almost drowned

Who is the best US president of all time and why? George Washington because he was a founding father of the
United States

Best book you've ever read? The Soloist

Describe yourself in fewer than five words: Mr. Aloha

What is your lifetime goal? To be an ASP World Champion and have a wonderful family

What is your most prized possession? My ohana

What is the meaning of life? Our lives all have a different purpose

What do you think Robert Kelly Slater is doing right now? Trying to beat someone in something

What annoys you about surfing? A lack of respect in the lineup