The Indians of Santa Cruz are a confined people. They carefully reap the benefits of their land and treat it with the utmost of respect. It is harmony. One day, three ships appear on the foggy horizon: O'neill, ASP and The Media, as they are called. The Indians gaze curiously at these large, brazen ships. The ships meander in, and some Indians scoff. A few even grab their bows and arrows and shoot at John Shimooka. But other Indians are intrigued. They marvel at the shiny white Merricks and Mayhems the Pilgrims have. They are stunned by the surfing ability of these foreigners. Eventually, they approach the Pilgrims and a beautifully fruitful union is formed. The Indians teach the Pilgrims how the water bounces off of the cliff and the Pilgrims teach the Indians how to blast tail and sometimes be narcissistic. It culminates with a great feast. Parko cooks the turkey and Bud Frietas delicately spices it. Nat Young makes the stuffing, Julian Wilson handles the cranberry sauce. Weird cousins are invited, and everybody wonders if Dane will ever show up with the gravy. The celebration of this union is so great that Daryl "Flea" Virostko and Gabriel Medina end up watching the sunset together while standing on the bluff at Steamer Lane, hand in hand. --SURFING

A Coldwater Thanksgiving

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