Happy Ending: Continental Question

Ramon Navarro and Damien Hobgood, Chile.Damien Hobgood and Ramon Navarro, Chile. Photo: Alfredo Escobar

People love to hate Brazil.

They say the waves are too small, the beaches too crowded, the surfers too aggressive. It’s too hot, they might wine, or I hate that Jesus statue! According to some folks, every little thing that Brazil does, it does wrong. That’s weird.

It’s weird because we’re here at the Billabong Rio Pro and all we see are great things. We see beautiful women, hardly even clothed. We see the most passionate crowd in the world. And we see everybody from John John Florence to Silvana Lima (we’re not kidding) landing airs. What’s to complain about?

This, maybe. Here are Damien Hobgood and Ramon Navarro on the same continent and in a different world. Punta de Lobos, Chile is only few clicks of latitude off from Rio de Janeiro. Rio’s on South America’s east coat and Punta’s out west. You need not put on your spectacles to see that the conditions in Chile are a little bit more dreamy than what we’ve seen in Rio.

But we won’t complain. After the cutback factories of Margaret River and Bells, it’s nice to see the WCT in waves that demand airs. And as for Damo and Ramon? We’ll be bringing you a video of their yield shortly.