Happy Ending: Consequences

Dylan Graves backwashDylan Graves. Photo: Brent Bielmann

You probably worry too much. We all do. We worry about bills, we worry our about haircuts, we worry about sports teams. Some of us even worry about our mothers. Fear is at the root of all this worry. We fear the great what if. What if I can’t pay that bill? What if my hair sucks real bad? What if Payton Manning accidentally drops a ball of synthetical brown leather? Ohhhhh what if. We always ask ourselves what if, and then we create a laundry list of consequences.

Consequence, the ugliest word in the English language. Consequences are like napalm to fun. We worry about them so much that we willingly sacrifice good times. Is that really the way to live? A man named Biggie Smalls once said, “Squeeze first, ask questions last.” What he meant is that he likes to shoot other people with a gun and then sort out all the paperwork afterwords. Mr. Smalls didn’t fear the what if. He was a doer. And while it’s probably not in your best interest to shoot somebody with a gun, you too can be a doer.

The long-haired Dylan Graves shows us a peaceful route. Dylan’s all wrapped up in a Puerto Rican delight while a waist-high backwash comes in hot. More likely than not, Dylan will consequently cartwheel onto a bed of sea urchins when that backwash hits. Does he look worried to you? Ask questions last.