Domenic’s Tahiti Flipbook

Domenic's Tahiti

A look at Teahupo'o, Tahiti through the lens of Domenic Mosqueira

We celebrate his heart of gold

He's Mexican-Canadian, he's Canadian-Mexican. He likes to eat burritos and
play in the snow. He uses the terms "eh" and "amigo" in the same sentence.
I could see Cheech and Chong singing a song about our good friend Domenic
Mosqueira. And he would probably laugh and sing along, beaming with joy.

Some photographers make a decent living through pure skill, others make
it because of their connections with A-grade pros and some make it because
of their marketing abilities. But I don't think I have ever seen someone,
until Domenic, make it in the surf world because they have a heart of
gold and are basically the nicest, most genuine human on the face of the
earth. Egos are a funny thing. They can bring you your successes and your
failures. And maybe that's why humble Domenic is still somewhat unnoticed.
The fear of marketing himself and, as he has said, "not wanting to buy

But we noticed him, and wanted to celebrate this underground talent.
So we asked Domenic, who lives in Tahiti now, if he could compile some
photos for us. As it turns out he shot the entire Billabong Tahiti Pro,
and offered not only his photos but his words, too. You can look forward
to many more of both in the future.
--Peter Taras

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