Globe Strange Rumblings Trip to IndonesiaBrendon Gibbens. Photo: DJ Struntz

People like stability. And there’s something to be said about that.

That something is that it’s overrated. Stability goes hand-in-hand with predictability, and predictably is a retardant to the spark of life. Nothing exciting happens when things are stable. It’s a flat line. Nothing good, nothing bad. A flat line.

Instability, though? Now let’s talk. Instability opens doors, windows and even portals if that’s your thing. Instability breeds magic. And if you care to see the pedigree, just look at this photo of Brendon Gibbens in Indonesia. Bren’s floating like a child’s balloon. Stability isn’t even in his vocabulary — the guy could eat Pizza Hut for the next four meals for all he cares. And that’s worth celebrating.