Monday Photos: Follow The Light Top 10

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We have a very special Monday Photos this week. It’s the presentation of the semifinalists in our Follow The Light Foundation grant. Follow The Light serves as the most prestigious photo competition in surf photography, but it’s not for the legends. It’s not for the old, iconic photographers who’ve pioneered and shaped this world for us. Instead, it’s for the kids grinding their way to the top. It’s for the ones delivering pizzas and bussing tables at night and waking up 5 hours later for first light photo sessions. FTL is about the passion and guiding light Larry “Flame” Moore instilled in all of us and that’s what makes the best the best. Past winners being Todd Glaser, Chris Burkard, Duncan Macfarlane, Morgan Maassen, Ray Collins, Matt Clark, Trevor Moran and Shawn Parkin. All incredible surf photographers with amazing vision and Flame-like passion. I’ve had the privilege to be a judge for all 9 years of competition and I thought Surfing Magazine could share a couple images from each semifinalist’s slideshow. —Peter Taras

The visual presentations of the Top 5 finalists be shown on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at an awards night held at the Shorebreak Hotel during the VANS US Open of Surfing. Just like years past, every single slideshow will be amazing. You gotta be there to see it.