John_Maher_Copyright_2014_001 3Jacob Szkely, Baja. Photo: John Maher

Everything starts somewhere.

Songs, meals, careers, drives, runs, walks, skips, relationships, fights, wars, trips, sales, carnivals, movies, days. Life. Everything has a beginning. And it’s often hard to recognize a moment as the first square of something bigger. Who’d have guessed that a smirking eye from that girl across the bar could turn into a lifetime of love? Or that the first paragraph of your favorite book would lead you to see more of this planet than you had ever realized existed? Or that just one baby toke of meth would blossom into a volatile addiction complete with sores, scabs, robbery, arson and a nasty bout with scurvy. Well, maybe that last one…

At any rate, here’s Jacob Szkely on an early morning in Baja. And on the start of something good.