Happy Ending: Burning Man

2Q3Z9387 2Jeremy Flores, carving. Julian Wilson, observing. Photo: Taras

Lower Trestles is a fantastic paradox.

It’s one of the most fun waves on Kelly’s green earth. But surfing there can be more frustrating than having a co-worker blast U2 every Friday while smirking in that stupid fucking green shirt. This can be attributed to you, to me and to everyone else with three fins and a dream. Everybody wants to dip a finger in SoCal’s sweetest honeypot, but there ain’t enough pollen for all to get a taste. This is the root of frustration. It’s also the root of things interesting.

Here’s Jeremy Flores going knuck-deep in honey while Julian Wilson barely slips the fingernail in. Flo’s not to blame though — the dude had been waiting far too long for a wave. Not to fret, though. Jeremy’s got a Round 2 meeting with Kelly Slater and we’re certain he’ll get his fair share when the Hurley Pro kicks back up on Monday. Our hunch is that the heat’ll be more interesting than you’d expect.