Happy Ending: Ulterior Motif

Conner Coffin Happy Ending
Conner Coffin. Photo: DJ Struntz

Most surf trips are simple. You see a swell, pick a spot. Pack the right boards, board the right plane. Then you arrive in a foreign -- and often beautiful -- place and go surfing all day. That’s it, and that’s nice. But is it really?

Some folks yearn for something more. Substance over simplicity, they reason. Conner Coffin and DJ Struntz are among that crowd. They spent last Saturday’s #100KWorldWaterDay in Nicaragua and it wasn’t very simple. They surfed, but they also distributed water filters to groups of Nicaraguans and educated their grateful hosts. Wetting the rail by dawn, saving lives by dusk. Not a bad way to travel.

Inspiring tale, no? Before your next trip, have a look at Waves For Water’s courier program. You can be just like Conner! Might want to work on that carve though.