Happy Ending: Synchronized

CW_MOR14_01425 2Dane Reynolds and Yadin Nicol, Morocco. Photo: Corey Wilson

Think about the history of surfing.

It started as the sport of kings — an ancient endeavor for Hawaiian royalty to wow and woo and try to get a piece of the Queen’s sweet ass. Then it became the sport of rebels — an esoteric pastime that long-haired freaks used to woo and wow and get a piece of their friend’s hot sister’s sweet ass. Then it became the sport of professionals and, well, do you remember when Kelly Slater dated Pamela Anderson?

That’s how it evolved socially. But now consider how it evolved physically. On a performance level.

There has never been a net, a basket, a goal, a home run or even an upright. Surfing is and always will be subjective. And when you think about its past, think about how it progressed. Or more importantly, how it could have progressed. What if handstands became cool? One-legged barrels? Relentless chop hops? Strapped tow-ats? Are you sick yet?

A lot of people — some religious, some high on acid — believe that things have a way of falling into their rightful places. It’s hard not to feel that way about surfing when you look at this photo. Dane Reynolds does a turn on one wave while Yadin Nicol gets barreled on the one behind it. Let’s all take a moment and appreciate the fact that they’re not doing yoga-driven tripod kickstands. Thank you dearly, evolution.