Happy Ending: Something To Ponder

Dylan GoodaleDylan Goodale. Photo: Jimmicane

This could be the 23,740th sunset they’ve ever seen. Or the 16,435th sunset they’ve seen together. Or the 983rd time they’ve watched the ball of fire dip into the Pacific from this exact location, but that doesn’t matter. Because it’s the first time they’ve ever seen Dylan Goodale surf.

And maybe it’s about juxtaposition. Old and young, damp and dry, red-sweatered and wetsuited. Three people sharing one moment, their differences disappearing as fast as day. That could be it.

Or it might be a reminder. We’re all going to be old one day. And we should make no room for excuses in our youth. We ought to live while we can, before our days become Denny’s in the morning, sunsets at night and a whole lot of D- driving in between. Before our backs give out and our knees go. Before arthritis. Maybe that’s what it’s about.

Or it could be about surfing. About Jimmicane finding a new angle to shoot one of Southern California’s most popular waves and Dylan Goodale lobbing an air into the most golden light. About the touch of Dylan’s grab and the tweak of his frozen-in-motion spin. How cool?

Maybe it’s about giving us all something to ponder. —Brendan Buckley