Happy Ending: Advice

2Q3Z7312Stevie Roberson. Photo: Peter Taras

People are always looking to give advice.

It’s part of human nature, that innate urge to provide your input in the form of counsel to another individual. A lot of advice is good. A fair amount of advice is bad. And some advice is downright awful. But the worst piece of advice you could ever give to somebody is to “Grow up.”

Grow up? Why the fuck would anyone want to do that? Think of being a child. Better yet, look at this photo and think about the dichotomy of perspective in the two folks on that wave. The adult, Anthony Tashnick, is probably worried about things. He’s in the water escaping bills and bosses and all things that nag. Now look at the kid. He’s blatantly fearless and the only thing two things he’s escaping are the Pterodactyls he believes live under his bed and the bellyache you get from eating three too many Oreos. The only difference between the man and boy? The man has grown up.

Don’t grow up. If anything, move the opposite direction. Eat sleeves of Chips Ahoy. Throw nouns at other, different nouns. And, above all else, rekindle your relationship with your springsuit.