Happy Ending: Going

9O1A2542.jpeg 2Paul Morgan, Cloudbreak. Photo: Nick Liotta

Decisions happen fast.

Not the act of deciding — that can take for ev er — but the act of carrying out the decision you’ve reached. That moment in time in which you take the first step towards whatever you decided is yours. Imagine the look on a man’s face as he approaches to introduce himself to his future wife at a Bar…nes and Noble. Is he nervous? Confident? Eerily focused? Think about somebody’s body language the very instant they decide to quit their job right there on the spot. What does that look like? Or how about a guy who’s just decided to paddle an elongated piece of foam into a chunk of moving ocean that could rupture his eardrum, send him to the bottom of the ocean naked and confused, and kill him?

Well, here’s what that looks like. Sure seems like the right decision to us.