Happy Ending: In The Sky With Diamonds

Kolohe's Happy Ending. Photo: Corey Wilson

Summer’s over, kids. Gone is the season of eternal nights and beach blanket homesteads. Days are short and mornings come too soon. It’s cold, and we are all getting fat. But that’s hardly a reason to shed a tear.

Here’s Kolohe Andino in the water and Kolohe Andino’s board in the sky. As the sun descends into the French Atlantic, the plank appears to be slipping away from Brother like a favored season on this cruel equatorial earth. Don’t look at it with such dark eyes! Seasons change but joy remains. Kolohe will chase his summer across the universe and he will live his summer even on the coldest mornings. Kolohe will never, ever get chubby. Summer ain’t over, kids. Summer is forever. —Brendan Buckley