Happy Ending: Right Over Your Head

CW_INDO_2014_1850 2Julian Wilson: Photo Corey Wilson

Unless you’re the wittiest mind this side of the Hardon Collider, there are probably a lot of things that go right over your head.

Jokes. Insults. Sexual innuendoes. Your friend might say that he spilled milk all over his bed last night. Maybe you miss the wink with the cheeky grin and carry on with your business worrying about this dude’s Vitamin D fortified 300 thread count bedsheets. That means that your friend has exceptionally poor taste. It also means that something went right over your head.

And that’s not always a bad thing. Here’s Julian Wilson doing an air right over photographer Corey Wilson’s head. Corey’s not getting the complete air, but it’s still a lovely exchange. Maybe you just need new friends.