Happy Ending: Last Laugh

YadinNicol_WestOz_QuinnMatthews 4Yadin Nicol, chuckling. Photo: Quinn Mathews

It was wild.

Yadin Nicol came into the 2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro as a wildcard. In his first heat, Yadin beat the Ace of Diamonds, Kelly Slater and the 7 of Spades, Bede Durbidge. In his second heat, he beat the King of Clovers and defending world champion, Mick Fanning. He even got a damn-near perfect score and comboed Mick. The man looked unstoppable.

Then he got stopped. First by Gabriel Medina in a no-losers round, then by Josh Kerr in a loser’s round. Well shit. Michel Bourez eventually won the contest and the WCT darted off to Bells Beach. Yadin chose to stick around. He was visiting his home, oxymoronically, and the waves went off. So while the men who beat him were tussling with Torquay, Yadin was getting barreled. It may not come with the $100K check or the prestige of a WCT win. But from the looks of it, Yadin’s not complaining.