Happy Ending: Like No One Is Watching

Coco Nogales. Photo: Lucano HinkleCoco Nogales. Photo: Lucano Hinkle

Dance floors are for dancing.

They aren't a pedestal for your motionless Chuck Taylors. They aren’t the place for you to have a conversation about how you're taking poetry classes at the local community college while two girls look at you through reluctant eyes and wish you would just buy them a margarita already — make it a double, Shakespeare. Dance floors are meant to be taken advantage of, because when's the next time you'll be in an acceptable environment to throw your shirt over your head and do the running man?

There's no shame in showing some humility. Stick your neck out and go for it. You'd be amazed by what could come of a few hip swivels, a finger point, and a nod. There's a great chance you'll make a complete fool of yourself, but what does cool even mean anyway? The only guarantee is that you will have a hell of a lot more fun than you would in the corner clutching your PBR tallboy with your leather jacket against the wall. Sweet look, Fonzie. Worst-case scenario you're just the idiot having way more fun than everyone else, but in what world is that something to be ashamed of?

Here, Coco Nogales swallows his pride and gets busy – because triumph or otherwise, he'll chalk this one up as another good time.