_JWW9967_1Yadin Nicol. Photo: Scotty Hammonds

In 1966, Bruce Brown made a movie called Endless Summer.

And we don’t owe you a synopsis. You’ve already seen the film. And if you haven’t seen the film, you’ve certainly seen the film’s artwork. It’s bright. Bold. Silhouetted and noticeable. You’ve seen it framed on the shelf in that one girl’s room while she talked to you about Bob Marley and you contemplated the logistics of your hangover from the discomfort of her seashell-adorned sea-foam green blanket. You’ve seen it hung on the wall of an unsure college student, hovering just above the longboard skateboard. And if you’ve seen it at a surf shop then, well, then you’re at the wrong surf shop.

But you won’t see it here.

Here, we celebrate winter. We celebrate swell season. We celebrate this photo of Yadin Nicol doing an air just beyond the pink flowers that not-so-subtly hint at the upcoming of spring. And part of us — the part that doesn’t own a good pair of summer boardshorts — hopes that winter never ends.