Happy Ending: Rumble

Globe Strange Rumblings Trip to IndonesiaNoa Deane. Photo: DJ Struntz

It all started with a rumble.

A rumble, then action. A few years ago, Globe’s Joe G. decided he had something to share with the world. So he packed up a suitcase and filled it with some of the world’s finest surfers, a camera and a tremendously nice shirt (Joe dresses well). He dragged that suitcase ‘cross the globe, collecting moving pictures everywhere from Iceland to Indo. He rode on planes, trains, automobiles and even an elephant. He walked, he ran and he crawled. He rumbled. And you’re invited to come.

See what we did there? Invited you to an event that already happened — impossible, you’d think, until some Swedish physicist figures out a way to toy with spacetime. But it’s true. Joe recently unveiled his movie, Strange Rumblings to the world and it brings you along for the long, strange ride. The film is currently touring the world and will be available on iTunes in the coming months. Worry not, because we’ll be keeping you in the loop. Not to mention, we’re dropping an SR flipbook on Wednesday, August 27th — which you do not want to miss. Because it all starts with a rumble. A rumble, then…