A66F5808_1Canada. Photo: Scotty Sherin

We lie.

So do you. So does your grandma. So does your significant other.

But our lies aren't harmful. They're little, white and often pretty. We don't cheat or swindle you — we simply hyperbolize the truth into a notion that might excite you. Case in point: above.

What you see is an image and what you believe is a perfectly golden sky and a perfectly green hill with a perfectly perfect wave breaking in between it all. You see that Logan Landry is doing an air and you believe that hey, maybe you can lob the tail like that next time you surf. You see a crate — wouldn't that be a great place to propose? — and you believe that maybe if you look at it for long enough, Neil Young might actually surface, offer you a smoke and start crooning Heart of Gold.

That's not true.

Truth is that it's Canada — the water is cold and you live on a constant edge of being three pine trees away from getting impaled by a moose, and three frozen ponds away from a hockey puck to the cheekbone. Truth is that the wave is probably worse than it looks and those rocks would love to take a bite of your new Super Brand. The truth is that this is a lie. The truth is we're not sorry about it.

And neither are you. Cool photo, no?