Taylor Knox, air reverse.Taylor Knox. Photo: Corey Wilson

Taylor Knox is the king of the carve. It’s indisputable — nobody carves so swiftly, so powerfully, so royally as T.K. It’s Taylor’s world and we’re all just turning in it. But even the greatest men — kings, so to speak — have their weaknesses. While Taylor owns the most astounding carve in the game, airs have never been his strong point.

Things change. It takes a strong king to stand his ground and defend his tried and true old ways. It takes an even stronger king to let go of tradition and evolve. Taylor Knox happens to be the wisest. A few months back, Taylor went on a trip to Mexico with Dane Reynolds. He carved Cabo’s crumbly pointbreaks like a butcher slicing through fresh elk meat. He carved and he carved, and then something funny happened.

Taylor felt the spark spark of youth igniting in his soul and the gentle touch of a Mexican air-wind blowing in his face. He stood up on a wave, pumped down the line, hit a section and left the lip. He left home. This, what he just did, was no carve — it was tail-high air reverse.

Just goes to show you. Don’t judge a king by his carve. Judge him by the airs he’s doing at 42-years-old. Keep doing you, old king. Keep doing you. —Noa Emberson