@alexdoanephotographyThe Tortoise and the Hare. Photo: Alex Doane

There’s an old fable about a tortoise and a hare. As the story goes, the mismatched pair engages in a race. A nimble, fleet-footed bunny against a weak, lethargic land-turtle? Come on. That’s like racing a Ferrari against your creepy uncle’s (the one with the mustache and the slight lisp) ’94 Ford Escort station wagon. The tortoise doesn’t stand a chance. Well get this. Midway through the race, the hare’s obviously winning, and the dumbass gets cocky and decides to take a nap. And you know what? The tortoise cruised past him in that arrogant slumber, thus winning the race and becoming the fifth most celebrated tortoise in the history of Reptilia. [The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles occupy the first four slots.]

But there’s a moral here. And that moral is to never give up. Even when the odds are against you. Even when you’re a reptile. Even when you’re the weathered engine of 20-year-old car driven by a 40-year-old man with a lisp. Even when you’re getting doused in the face by an intrusive bodyboarder’s spray on a 6-foot wave. Never lose sight of your goals. Never lose hope. And never, ever, let a good one get away from you at Pipe. —Brendan Buckley

Sequence: Alex Doane