Happy Ending: Thumb Wars

Craig Anderson. Photo: Steve WallCraig Anderson. Photo: Steve Wall

The average person spends around 90 minutes per day on their phone. That's 23 days a year, which adds up to about 4 years of your life spent looking down at that tiny screen. Four years! That's a college degree, a term as president, that entire phase when you "got really into dubstep" (or MDMA, same thing), all spent on a goddamn phone!

You think Columbus would have stumbled upon the America's if he had been busy playing Candy Crush? Or would Edison have invented the incandescent the light bulb if he were lost in a deep trance of Instagram lurking? ("Fuckk, I think I just liked Einstein's photo from 46 weeks ago.")

Well, the answer is maybe – because these men were geniuses, and probably great multitaskers. But the average person? Well, let's just say I tried to fart while driving the other day and nearly crashed.

The bottom line is that we've become obsessed with the abyss of entertainment that forever beckons from our pockets. But the technology's not to blame for this lack of attentiveness to our surroundings. Technology, if you read this, you’re great. We’re the ones at fault here. It's our abuse of it – overused like the first time we discovered a curse word. We just want to see, do, hear, feel something cool and damnit we want it NOW. We don't want it later. We don't want to wait for it to come in the mail. We don't want to go hike four miles up a mountain to see it. Who do I look like, Dora The Explorer?*

All we want is a quick fix of amusement.

Now, take a look at this photo of Craig Anderson. Beautiful, right? See how we did some work here? You read some words and thought some thoughts, and hopefully probed just a teeny bit deeper into that noggin of yours. Feels good, I know.

So just be sure to donate a small moment of your time everyday to increase your awareness. Whether it’s just looking up from your desk every so often, or waiting through an entire line at Starbucks without glancing down at your phone – you'd be amazed at what you begin to find. Because we miss some pretty cool things these days solely due to our lack of….


Sorry, my friend just texted me a video of a dog skateboarding. –Dayton Silva

*Editor’s note: Yeah, Dayton, you kind of do.