Happy Ending: Bushy

Creed MctaggartCreed McTaggart. Photo: DJ Struntz

Remember when everything was easy? It was in the early 2000s, back in an era of apathetic simplicity. You took whatever was handed to you and never yearned for anything more. Example: Wanna know who recorded the biggest song of 2002? Nickelback. Fucking Nickelback. Just because they were there and what else were you gonna do besides grunt and press play.

The same humdrum approach manifested in surfing. Need good photos? Easy. Plop a bunch of dudes on a boat in Indo for a week, let ’em sail around listening to Nickelback on their phonograms or whatever then boom, there’s your ad campaign AND a feature in a magazine. Wrap it up, send it home.

But times have changed. These days, people want more. They want options. They want new. You have to go rogue and call yourself The War On Drugs if you want to be a musician. And you have to do something unique to create high-quality surf content. You need to go somewhere far-flung and exciting. It’s lovely.

Here’s Creed McTaggart in Africa. As in Africa, Africa — not the same country as Durban (more on that in an upcoming issue of SURFING). But look at Creed lobbing those fins far, far away from Macaronis. And appreciate it.

Speaking of Creed, they should totally do a tour with Nickelback. Maybe in South Sudan?