Happy Ending: Knock Knock

GYS_4010 2_1Joel Centio, Backdoor. Photo: Greg Gyselinck

Knock knock.

Who’s there? In this case it’s Joel Centio and that’s not a joke. The earth’s most photographed chunk of ocean — Pipeline and Backdoor — has had a slow start this year. There have been a few days, a handful of windows and a slew of moments but it hasn’t been its best self. All the right sand has been stuck in all the wrong places (a problem we can all relate to). But as of late, the moments have started to once again look like windows. And those windows? They’re starting to look like days. And those days? Well, we know what those look like.

So here’e Joel Centio knocking at Backdoor. And here’s to hoping he takes his slippers off.