Happy Ending: The Rooster

ASP World Tour Even Jefferys Bay, South AfricaKolohe Andino, the rooster. Photo: DJ Struntz

It’s been a long week at Jeffery’s Bay.

A really long week for Kelly Slater, who was comboed by Matt Wilkinson in Round 3. An especially long week for Jordy Smith, who lost in a close heat to CJ Hobgood in that same round. And a ridiculously long week for Jeremy Flores, who lost first to Sebastian Zietz in a heat and then to his temper in the judging booth. But for everyone else, just a long week. And a week of routines.

Most competitors like finding a rhythm at events. In Africa, rhythm sounds a little bit like a-weem-a-wop-a-weem-a-wop and a lot more like a schedule. Many surfers have been as predictable as Big Ben’s next tock. Kolohe Andino, for one, has been an up before the sun kind of guy — but he hasn’t been so quiet about it. He’s been a rooster. He’s brought the morning to life — gallantly streaming by the dawn’s early light at J-Bay and paying very little respect to those souls who haven’t yet risen. And we couldn’t be more pleased.