Monday Photos: Komune Bali Pro

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All Photos: Scotty Hammonds

Sometimes, the surf world just doesn’t make sense. For example: two years ago, Oakley and the ASP (this is before they were a league) teamed up to bring a WCT event to the world class wave that is Keramas. Everyone got barreled, John John landed the biggest air ever done in competition and the event was a raging success, which is exactly why it was completely ignored and never held again? Hmmm. Anyway, professional surfing is back at a Keramas and so what if it’s in the form of a QS1000? Taj Burrow still showed up, so did the waves, and so did the surfing demands we see the ‘CT return to Keramas. Thanks for the reminder, Komune Bali Pro presented by Mad Hueys.