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You know how these trips go. Or maybe you don't? Here's how these trips go: Half the luggage doesn’t make it on the first flight because there's not enough room on the plane (says a young Balinese woman behind the ticket counter matter-of-factly between glances at her Instagram). Also, the swell hasn't quite filled in yet, the winds are iffy and you're not completely sold that all three guys you've been communicating with for months now are actually gonna show. Plus, one of those guys is ranked No. 1 in the world right now so is he reeeally gonna go for it on this trip?

Then you get there, the waves show up and you have that magic session. The session where you're freaking both while you're out there and then onward for a few hours into the night on the shit you've just witnessed. We had a few of those sessions. The magic wouldn’t quit.

That was our trip to Lakey Peak to film for Filipe Toledo's forthcoming movie project with SURFING Magazine. Filipe landed maybe the best backside air we've ever witnessed and that was, like, 45 seconds after a berserk frontside one. His landing percentage is about 90% too. No shit.

Also, world-one-whatever: Filipe's went for it on this trip.

As did his travel-bud (and world No. 3) Miguel Pupo, plus the new kid on the block, 18-year-old Victor Bernardo (the best surfer under 19 in the world, fuck what the Hot 100 rated him) — you'll see.

Anyway, that’s how things went. The waves were absurdly good, we had multiple camera angles, two too many filmers, perfect Periscopes (see Stranger than Fiction to refresh) and whattya know Filipe's dad is here (who, surprisingly, whistles a lot less outside of the athlete's tent). I guess that’s how these trips go. –Beau Flemister