Happy Ending: No Fuss

Micheal Dunphy, Caribbean. Photo: JimmicaneMichael Dunphy, no reason not to smile in the Caribbean. Photo: Jimmicane

We are always searching for new things to fuss about. We fuss if our iPhones don’t work right. We fuss when a birdsong wakes us from a peaceful slumber. We throw our arms to the HBO sky, gesticulating fuss when the season finale of True Detective wasn’t everything we hoped it would be. We fuss and we fuss, and when we’re done fussing we find a new makeshift problem to fuss about. It’s a cycle, more pesky than viscous.

Have you ever thought that maybe you shouldn’t fuss so much? That maybe your iPhone’s illness isn’t the end of this cruel world? That maybe you should enjoy life’s birdsongs? Take a good hard look at Michael Dunphy in this Happy Ending. Does he look fussed to you?

Given, Dunphy is in Caribbean. And maybe the rum drinks there are cheaper than bottled water. And sure, he’s in a perfectly fun sized barrel of the prettiest turquoise. But still — is True Detective really worth fussing over?